Surplus Windshield

I’ve been making some progress on getting the build officially started. Though, it has been mostly behind the scenes type work. After getting the plans, build manuals, and build license from Rocky Mountain Coachworks, I acquired some materials from Pacific Steel & Recycling in Idaho Falls to put together the windshield from the TremorMUV plans. After building the first section, which is the header to the windshield frame,

The first two pieces of the frame header welded together.

I realized it was just a little too heavy – in steel – for my tastes. Knowing I want to try for the soft top version of a Hummer, and knowing that the real thing has a hinged windshield, I decided to go with surplus parts for the windshield. I picked up a HMMWV windshield on ebay and got it just in time for the Easter weekend. After carrying it out to my shop, I was glad I went with the surplus part…It weighed about the same as the steel header.

Three happy travelers in our pretend Hummer

In the meantime, I made a little stand for the steel I got, to keep it off the floor, because I get a nasty leak in the spring…not a moment too soon, there was a puddle on the floor right next to that wall the next day.

Of course, my helper thought it was fun to just be out in the shop.

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2 thoughts on “Surplus Windshield

  1. Hey what gives? I was following your build and it has come to a halt. 🙂 Maybe you went out and bought an H1 wagon??

  2. hey looks like things are going great so. Haven’t seen an update in a while. any progress?

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