It’s Official!

I’ve finally made up my mind what I’ll be building.

Duh! You might say. I’m building a Hummer replica. Well, yes, but for the longest time I hadn’t figured out if I was going to go it alone with no plans to speak of. That’s the part I’ve figured out! i’ve decided to use a tried-and-trusted planset from folks who have paved the way rather nicely.

I’ve received the TremorMUV planset. It’s a set I picked up secondhand—not something I’d recommend anyone else doing, right now I’m missing some of the important parts of the set…the build manuals. I was trying to save a few bucks, but in hindsight I should have saved up for the full planset.

Link and advertisement here:
Rocky Mountain Coachworks TremorMUV planset only $425.00

The folks at Rocky Mountain Coachworks have a nice set put together from a nice working prototype they build a few years back. They’ve got on their website,, everything you need to build a Hummer H1 or HMMWV replica, an extensive build forum with some current builds going on, and, most importantly, the most accurate plan set around that is correct to dimensions of the Hummer H1. The best part is, it’s not a kit. You don’t buy and ship parts from someone else, you put it together yourself, according to your needs. If you want to build it in aluminum, go ahead. If you want bulletproof doors and windows, your choice! If you want a soft-top, hard-top, wagon, slant-back, two-door truck, or to put an ambulance body on the back…go for it!

TremorMUV build options

Now the details: If you’ve been reading along with my replica build, you’ll notice that I’ve been leaning in the direction of an open top like the 2004 Hummer H1 Alpha. It will save on some construction time and materials, not to mention weight. Since I live in Idaho, I’ll be considering a wagon hard-top for the winter. One that I’ve looked at and think will work is the wagon top from

Wagon top for open top Hummer

An alternative would be fabricating my own similar design out of aluminum. I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Finally, I like the pseudo-camouflage that Shawn Smith used in his Special Operator build…

Special Operator from Angry Iron. I like the camouflage. Shawn Smith of designed.

Here’s a photoshopped look for what I’m going for, open top:
Open top hummer replica build mockup

soft top:
Soft top hummer replica build mockup

hard top with a possible logo configuration, so I can write it off for advertising 🙂 :
Hard top hummer replica build mockup

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  1. Nice documentary. Are you also posting on the Tremormuv site with links to here? How is the progress?

  2. How is the progress? Any recent updates?

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