Therapy Aquatics

I worked with Therapy Aquatics on video editing, labels, and DVD menu and titles for two DVDs: Myofascial Aquatic Body Work, and Introduction to Bad Ragaz Ring Method. The footage for both videos was recorded previously, but some titles needed correction. This was a difficult process to determine what could be salvaged from the original footage, how to make it useful, and then to recreated titles for the final DVDs. I ended up with a blur in the segments rather than crop or cover the incorrect footage because the client needed viewers to observe as much of the footage as possible. If covered up, the footage looked more distracting. Here are some screenshots:



Here’s the DVD menu for the Bad Ragaz DVD and label I designed:


The Myofascial Aquatic Body Work DVD was also recorded previously, but didn’t require any correction. I did however build simple chapter headers and designed a label as well.


Once the DVDs were complete, I designed the logo and we were planning to create the website below. However, mitigating circumstances prevented Therapy Aquatics from continuing the project so it never launched in this form.