Cierra Ashley Website

While at I.E. Productions, I did all the website programming for this website–three times because of hosting and fulfillment vendor changes. The site included personalized page recognition for replicated sites. This meant, a Fragrance Advisor could hand out business cards directing their own customers to a personal website such as

The site was programmed to take the url and decode whether the advisor existed and if so, populate the page with all pertinent contact information for that advisor. Then any sales, referrals, or contacts made through the site were tagged to that advisor. The fulfillment company would calculate compensation for the advisor and handle shipping.

Each vendor the client worked with had a different server environment (two versions of LAMP stacks on Linux, and one on a very old Windows IIS setup) so that was a great learning experience, decoding and modifying the code three times. They’ve since moved to a site from 3DCart.

Here’s a screenshot, but again, I only handled the back-end stuff.