Monviso is a real estate property in Utah. While at I.E. Productions, I worked on a few projects to help them with marketing of their 40-acre estate lots.

We produced the promotional video, still featured on the front page of their website. I did the motion graphics (titles and animated still photos) in Adobe After Effects.

Motion titles throughout, and animated still photos at: 0:12, 0:23, 0:32, 0:57, 1:25, 1:56, 2:10.

The video was produced as a DVD to be sent via direct mail.


Here’s the DVD label I created.

I also created a map with highlights for the inside fold of the brochure:

The theme of the project was “Create a Picture Perfect Life” and the DVDs were mailed inside a box with a viewmaster similar to this one (via GizmoDiva):
Custom Viewmaster
I didn’t work on that part of the project because I was busy with the motion graphics.

The final piece of the project for Monviso was one of my first industrial design projects. At the entrance to the property, Monviso needed a big beautiful metal gate. Here’s what I came up with.

The brown was to be steel and powder coated to look that rusty brown color. The gray and gradient was to be either brushed aluminum or stainless steel. However, I heard that not too long after the project was approved, they opted for a simpler, lighter, and less conspicuous gate:
Monviso gate