Book Cover Illustration

Ergonomics Illustration
I designed this book cover illustration. The topics in the book include how ergonomics are important in all industries, not just office and computer usage — which seems to be the lions share of published illustrations. I was asked to show how welders could employ ergonomics in their work and came up with this idea right off the bat. Yes, the red lines of “what not to do” were inspired by this Homer Simpson Ergonomics Poster, but I still had to draw everything myself.

This was the first project I did with my new (to me) Wacom Intuos 3 drawing tablet. This piece was drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

I recently received the first round of proofs back from the publisher for the cover. Here are the three options. I’ll post the final once complete.
Book Cover 3

Book Cover 2

Book Cover 1

Update: It’s now available for pre-order here on Amazon. So they went with the second option, but changed the red band to green. I like it!