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Hood Design or Hummer Meets Tumbler

With fall in full force and winter coming soon, my attention is turning again to “Things I can actually do in the shop.” I might be able to get some steel in this fall/winter and get started on a table first, then some jigs, and maybe even the cage. While I’m working on those funds—and […]

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Boyz in the Hood II

I started out today with a workspace problem. My shop was a mess. It took me nearly an hour to clean up assorted lawn tools, spilled potting soil, hanging baskets, etc. before I could even set up anything to build the hood on. Once it was clean—for the most part—I put an old door on […]

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Boyz in the Hood

Well, as we all know, Idaho doesn’t exactly get very warm. We lost all of our snow two days before spring, but it snowed again two days after the Vernal Equinox. So I’m not ready to pull the chassis out into the elements. Also, I started scraping off the junk/gunk/funk/nastiness, but its slow going and […]

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