Sample Projects

As an adjunct instructor for University of Idaho in Idaho Falls, I’ve created a class on the basics of Adobe Illustrator for use by Industrial Technology students. Part of the curriculum includes projects that mirror real-world design issues. These few pieces are example projects that I’ve used to demonstrate the techniques I’m teaching in the class.

The class lessons may be found here:

First, here’s the poster for the class:

This is a layout of the vehicle wrap project with which I demonstrate clipping masks and using the Pen Tool and Pathfinder Panel in Adobe Illustrator.


This is a version of the apparel design project, in which students use the Live Paint Bucket Tool and recolor artwork to design their own rugby jersey design.

A final project for the class is a game design project, wherein students use a template game such as checkers, connect four, rummikub, tic tac toe, or poker chips to design their own game pieces. Once complete, since the class has an industrial design focus, the files are prepared by the students and produced in acrylic or wood on the laser engraver/cutter and assembled. The games may be displayed by the students as portfolio pieces or just for fun on their desk.

Here’s one student’s game of checkers with red and black dragon designs, used with permission.
checkers-dragons That student got a promotion because of skills learned in the class.