Mealtime Inspirations

This was a very large, multi-faceted project. The Education Extension department of University of Idaho contacted me to help put together a cooking show. My part was pre-event advertising, production direction of the event, and post-production editing. And this event was all done on a very low budget too! Less than $5000 including production time.

First, I created this logo and teaser video:

Next, I recorded and produced some short segments that would be played during the live event:

Yeah, I know I needed to work on keying with those… The motion graphics and timing are still something to be proud of though.

Once the pre-event work was done, I planned the setup for the stage, audio, projector, control booth, and cameras in SketchUp. Once it looked right, I was ready for actual setup.

Apart from the stage, chairs, and audio setup, which was handled by the university support staff, I set up the A/V equipment. This took running the HDMI to the projector over powered ethernet adapters. We mounted a video-conference camera to the ceiling and I controlled it with a remote. We also used some clickers tied to the computer software to do survey questions with audience participation during the event.

Then for the night’s event, I controlled the equipment. I ran the computer that controlled the videos on the projection screen, switched between that and the overhead camera, and made sure my camera crew were recording everything well. Near the end of the event, I even got into some witty banter with our MC, Liza Raley. She was great to work with, by the way!

Of, course, once the night was over, my work wasn’t. I still had to edit the footage and produce the video you see above. It was a great learning experience!