Kingston Logos

In 2008, Kingston Companies wanted to revise logos for all their property holdings, and I was tasked with the job while at I.E. Productions. Each logo was originally based on the original Kingston Marketing logo (which they have used for decades, I didn’t create it, just provide it here for reference):

The first job was to create a logo for Kingston Companies, the main holding company for all the others:

Next, I completed the Kingston Agriculture logo. I’ve seen this on a truck around Idaho Falls, however, I don’t see it on the website anymore.

Here’s the logo for their cross-dock distribution facilities:

Don’t forget the Kingston Media company. I loved incorporating the film strip into the K.

This next one is for their sports bar in Idaho Falls, The Zone. I love driving down West Broadway in Idaho Falls and seeing the sign with logo on it:

I thought this one was great, however, Kingston decided not to use it. Oh well, here it is.

Here’s a document with most of the iterations of the logos I came up with as I worked through the approval process.