Island Park Lodges

Here’s another project that I’m proud to see around quite often.. Island Park Lodges and Cabins asked me, while at I.E. Productions, to do a few things to promote their rentals. First was to create a logo. The stipulation was that they wanted this logo to serve for their branding but also as one of those oval stickers that vacationers put on the back window or tailgate of their vehicle as they travel around.

I live close enough to Island Park, Idaho, to know that there are two things that trump all for activity there: Fishing and snowmobiling. Yeah, hiking Sawtelle Peak got into the design as well–but without the FAA radar station. With that as the instruction, I came up with this logo:
I have seen it on trucks and cars in the area. The owner also wanted a color version. Knowing there are a bunch of rainbow trout in Henry’s Lake (I could have done cutthroat or brown, but rainbow looked better) that decided the fish color. Knowing he was a fan of Ski-Doo snowmobiles decided the yellow color for that.

With that done, I was tasked with creating the website layout and programming it to show different background depending on the season.
Here’s the winter look (for October 15 through April 15 because this is Idaho):

Here’s the summer look:

While the website has changed over the last nine years, at least they’re still using the logo with minor modifications.