Freedom Arms

From the beginning of my working relationship with I.E. Productions, I worked on projects for Freedom Arms. In fact, my first project was an update on the Freedom Arms website in 2002. Wow! It looks almost exactly the same as when I made those edits.

Over the subsequent years, I continued to edit the website and update some of the catalogs.

One notable addition was the flyer and ads for the .50 caliber revolver, so-named the Wyoming Express.

I figured the beauty of the craftsmanship of this gun needed something fancy to match. So I Photoshopped the image of red velvet behind, added appropriate shadows, embossed the logo as a badge to go with the gun, and embellished the border.

Well, the client didn’t like it. It was too “frilly”. That’s fine. So I un-frilled the border, and made a stylized barbed wire, because if you’ve ever been to Wyoming, you know that theres as much barbed wire as telephone wire. Not much of either, but where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, the beauty-shot:

All approved, it was time for the final layout:

With the story behind the gun on the reverse:

And here’s a magazine ad version:

Finally, in 2008, I created the cover for their 25th anniversary catalog: