First Projects

This is reaching back into the archives. I just found these. This is the first project I ever did in Adobe Illustrator (Version 7, in 1997).

This little cereal box was created in my Adobe Illustrator class in 1997, way back in design school. It was good practice with the pen tool to create each little piece of cereal flakes, raisins, and almonds, the trees, and the house and barn.
OldPortfolio-02 After I created the graphics in Illustrator, I used Photoshop (version 4 –AKA Big Electric Cat) to resize the image. Then I pulled out Quark Xpress to add the text.

This is a portfolio tear sheet I created for my school projects.

And this is a screen grab from my first portfolio website in 1997:

Nostalgia is so much fun!