AMI Semiconductor

I had been working at I.E. Productions for less than a month when I worked on these two projects. In fact, it was one of the reasons I was hired. So, I hit the ground running.

Here’s a video of the interactive CD-Rom created in Macromedia Director for AMIS Foundry Services. It worked just like a PowerPoint slideshow.

The CD itself was a business card-sized CD. It was a great marketing tool that I had used in previous projects, but don’t use it in a CD drive that doesn’t have a tray that slides out!

The next project started very soon afterward. It was an interactive CD-Rom explaining the electronic controls that were available for auto manufacturers. Part of the project was designing the NASCAR that was going to be sponsored by the company. Our 3D guy at the time put this together:

Shortly, we discovered that the car sponsored by the main sponsor, SIEMENS, was going to be black, not white. So, the race AMIS was sponsoring would be problematic if the crew, TV, driver, and everyone else were expecting a black car and not see it. I didn’t have the confidence in my 3D modeling skills, so I mocked this up in Adobe Photoshop.

The car was used in our CD-Rom for the automotive services AMIS offered:

Sorry for the video error at the beginning, I’m recording this using a mac and the CD-Rom was designed for PCs. So my Wine install isn’t handling video very well.