Nothing Says I Love You like…

My sweetheart was Ok with me taking her out twice in the previous week. We danced, we dined, we left the kids at home. So when I said, “Honey, do you mind if I want to spend some time in the shop today? I know it’s Valentine’s Day.” She was totally fine with it. Nothing says I love you like spending money for a bathroom remodel and new stove for her, so I can go play when I want.

I ran into a little snag though, I’m in a tool issue again. I need to clean the frame, but it’s Idaho in February. I can wait until it gets warm enough to wash it proper
dirty frame
Or I can try with a brush on my drill
sanded frame

So I sanded it a little. I think I’ll wait to clean it. But I will go ahead with relocating the body mounts to between the frame rails. This will allow the body to sit on the outsides of the rails without raising it.

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