I’ve always been interested in studying about warrior codes of ethics such as Bushido of the Samurai, the devotions of Turkic ghāzīs warriors, and the chivalry of European knights. In these codes I see a sense of duty, honor, and propriety that seems to be lacking in many of today’s business places. I too, have developed a personal code of ethics:


I will retain fidelity in thought, word, and action to those who trust me to make decisions. I will remain loyal and trustworthy to their interests and concerns whether secret or published. I believe it is more important to be true than all other interests.


I will shun arrogance and serve those who request my talents in kindness, benevolence, and selflessly pursue their interests with diligence. This is not to say I will be self-deprecating or self-negligent. I do not see helping others as demeaning myself.


I will dutifully obey all laws of government, whether at home or abroad, and be pro-active in searching to prevent any breach of such by my own conduct.


I will be honest in all my dealings. I will be candid if experience shows consequences adversely affecting one’s expressed desire. I will be thrifty and disclose areas of surplus.


I will be optimistic in my estimation of the future for myself and others. I believe in setting achievable goals, assertively and confidently working toward those goals, and learning from failures. This is not to say I will be blind to opposition, but I will not embrace it.


As I have not all knowledge or skill, I will be patient with others. I will strive to help others learn and improve as is my capacity to do so. I seek to learn from experience and education and grow in powers of usefulness.


I will be diligent in the efforts of my work. Hard work shows to others the value I place in them, because time is one commodity that is nonrefundable.


I will show gratitude in all things. Gratitude is payment for a gift or service. I am grateful for my talents, time, and blessings.

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