How to Design a Vehicle Wrap in Adobe Illustrator

I’ve decided to compile the list of all my vehicle wrap tutorials here.

The files I’m using are available here:

Feel free to use any of these or create your own using the first video listed below.


How to set up a vehicle wrap design file:

This video and the next are my attempts at revising the project altogether. In this one I show how to find and set up the design file from which you may create a vehicle wrap. This was especially helpful if working with a vehicle other than the ones I’ve used in the tutorials above.


How to design a vehicle wrap in Illustrator:

This is the final video in my revisions to the design project tutorials. It goes hand-in-hand with the one just previous (just above). This one is the most helpful tutorial and has the most views.


Previous videos in order of recording:

How to do a vehicle wrap project in Illustrator:

This was the first of my vehicle wrap project tutorials. It introduces some of the concepts I tried to teach in my lessons and was part of the original in-class course I taught for University of Idaho. It met with some interesting questions during the class, so I created the subsequent ones to address those issues.


How to wrap a vehicle in Illustrator:

This was the first revision after seeing some of my students struggle with the clipping mask as they worked out their vehicle wrap project.


How to use clipping masks in Illustrator – Module 4.4:

This is a video outlining some of the more difficult issues students have faced when trying to put together the clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately this one usually gets omitted from view because it does have vehicle wrap in the title. It was titled this way to make it easier for folks going through my course. I may need to re-name this. For now, I’ll just leave it as is.


How to use a clipping mask in Illustrator – Easiest way!

This video outlines using clipping masks in the “easiest way”. While somewhat true, this is also on revising the vehicle wrap project because the vehicle wrap project was anything but easy. I should have left it for an intermediate or advanced course.